SUMMARY: Strange line i printer control file.

Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 03:57:13 CDT

My original question.
>we are using a application called openbook where from you can print out the
>pages on manualls. You can either select a printer or print to a file.
>When we select print to the printer we got a strange line in the printer contr
>S1792 216l <====== This line starting with a S
>but if we first print to a file and the using the lpr command we never get thi
>The problem is that this 'S-line' is confusing our HP LaserJet 4 SI MX printer
>The file to be printed is PostScript. The PostScript file itself is exactly th
>same in the two cases.
>Does anyone know what it means ?, It is not meantion it manualls.
>Any help is appreciate.
>We are using SUNOS 4.1.3.

I got 1 answer, and that what to look at the rfc, and from rfc1179 you can read,

7.9 S - Symbolic link data

      | S | device | SP | inode | LF |
      Command code - 'S'
      Operand 1 - Device number
      Operand 2 - Inode number

   This command is used to record symbolic link data on a Unix system so
   that changing a file's directory entry after a file is printed will
   not print the new file. It is ignored if the data file is not
   symbolically linked.



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