SUMMERY: Broken numerical keypad for xterm? Resouce binding?

From: Ningping Fan (
Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 06:07:08 CDT

Thanks to all the responding friends. In summary, there are two type
responses: (1) use a new xmodmap setting (2) use a new translation table.

After studying and testing, I discovered that the following translation
for appl keypad mode of VT400 worked:
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_0: string("\033Op")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_1: string("\033Oq")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_2: string("\033Or")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_3: string("\033Os")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_4: string("\033Ot")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_5: string("\033Ou")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_6: string("\033Ov")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_7: string("\033Ow")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_8: string("\033Ox")\n\
        @Num_Lock<Key>KP_9: string("\033Oy")\n\
while original Sun supplied XTerm with @Num_Lock<Key>KP_0: string(0)\n\ ..
does not work. Xmodmap setting has nothing to do with VT100 emulation
but binding the keysyms. On the other hand, without translation but to
select appl keypad on/off at vt100 menu, does not work either. I have to
include that the original xterm does not emulate a vt100 numeric keypad
properly, although we always can generate new ESC sequences binded with
whatever keysyms.

New question:
/usr/openwin/lib/app-defaults/XTerm sets up system wide resource for
xterm. But for two workstations both having XTerm, the remote xterm
client from one another does not has the default resource. See:
for a local client at terry:
terry% appres XTerm
XTerm*fontMenu*fontescape*Label: Escape Sequence
XTerm*fontMenu*font3*Label: Small
XTerm*fontMenu*fontsel*Label: Selection
XTerm*fontMenu*fontdefault*Label: Default
while on a remote telnet client from tanya:
tanya% /usr/openwin/bin/appres XTerm
Error: Can't open display:
tanya% /usr/openwin/bin/appres XTerm -display terry:0
-AppResTest-.display: terry:0

Who knows why?

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