SUMMARY: Number of systems per sys admin

From: Ralph C. Wolman (
Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 00:15:39 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

First let me thank all those who replied to my message. The
response was outstanding (over 70 responses - large enough
for a valid statistical sample if I remember my stats classes
correctly). Next, I want to add that this survey may not be
a valid way to decide how many system admin people you need.

Since the question I asked had only to do with the number of
systems and the number of sys admins, it may be considered
flawed. A number of people mentioned that other things (experience
of the personnel, number of platform types, number and types of
applications supported, etc.) are just as important. Also, a
number of people replied that the average number should be about 50
systems per sys admin (interesting considering the result below).

Anyway, here is the bottom line:

Total number of systems from survery: 7399
Total number of sys admins: 182.2
Average number of systems per admin: 41

Highest number of systems per admin: 128
Lowest number of systems per admin: 2 (very small shop)

Since I promised to keep details of the information confidential,
this is as much as I'm prepared to say.

Thanks again for your responses.


Ralph Wolman
Netrix Corporation voice: 703-793-1213
13595 Dulles Technology Drive fax: 703-713-3805
Herndon, VA. 22071

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