DUMP multiple files systems? SUMMARY

From: Chuan Fu (tron@soltec.com)
Date: Thu Oct 13 1994 - 22:55:04 CDT

In article <tron-1310940012320001@pooh.soltec.com>, tron@soltec.com (Chuan
Fu) wrote:

> Is there anyway to dump multiple file systems onto one DAT tape. When I
> use the following command: dump 0dsf 61000 10240 /dev/st1 /dev/sd0a the
> tape automatically rewinds. :(
> thanks in advance,
> tron

Thanks to all those replied, and there are a lot of you :)

The answer is: use the /dev/nrst1 for nonrewinding device driver.

Once again, thanks for all those who replied.


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