Summary: Amd on Solaris2.3

Date: Thu Oct 13 1994 - 21:56:20 CDT

Dear all,

May i add another compliment to this list!

(it will be a long story if i delay my summary :)

I got 7 replies, most of them point me to
others suggest to use autofs, and some even send amd to me.
Ah, also one congratulations on having a solaris!

I ftped amd binaries and it works right after being gunziped.

Many thanks to your kind help:

Rich Holland <>
anthony baxter <>
"Frank 'Scruffy' Miller" <Frank.Miller@master.CNA.TEK.COM>
Todd Kover <kovert@cs.UMD.EDU> (Brian Utterback)
Anchi Zhang <anchi@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> (L. Busby)

XueShan Feng

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