SUMMARY: Sparc 690 narcolepsy

From: rocky gould (
Date: Thu Oct 13 1994 - 20:32:09 CDT

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We have installed a new frame buffer card and system board and now when the
690 'sleeps' it doesn't lock out the screen or keyboard. We have isolated
the sleeping to an ODS 1.0 controlled filesystem that when accessed via any
recursive activity ( find, chmod -R, du -a) puts the 690 out. And since
other machines (30) automount the 690 they too are inactive. Automounter
just doesn't seem to want to let go :(
Sun hasn't really been much help on what is happening within the ODS env
since they have only tested ODS with 4 GIG and we are running with 10 GIG.

Anyway, thanks to those that responded!
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