SUMMARY: email under dns

From: Ningping Fan (
Date: Thu Oct 13 1994 - 00:48:15 CDT

My original question was:
>Helo managers:
>(2) email works fine when a mailhost is defined at /etc/hosts file and
> dns is not used. But it does not work if in the /etc/nsswitch.conf
> a dns is added at the hosts: line, no matter /usr/lib/
> or /usr/lib/sendmail.nomx is used. Here is the error message:
>terry% /usr/lib/sendmail -v </dev/null
> Connecting to via ether...
>Trying connected.
>220 terry. Sendmail 5.0/SMI-SVR4 ready at Tue, 11 Oct 1994 13:16:23 +0500
>>>> HELO terry.
>553 terry. host name configuration error

At least, one definitive solution is to set mail local domain name at by DmDOMAINNAME, then everything works.

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