SUMMARY - WABI - Accessing DOS cdrom's mounted on SUN Box

From: Jason Mclean (
Date: Wed Oct 12 1994 - 14:04:17 CDT

> I want to setup a cd tower on a sun machine, That part is ok. I am using
> scsi express to do this. This tower will contain DOS cd's. From there I
> want to be able to access the cd's from a Macintosh client. I have a copy
> of wabi for solaris. I would like to know if anyone has used wabi and if
> it has any bugs. Also is it possible to use dos commands from a client
> machine accessing the sun using vt100, or I am looking at a XWindows
> solution ???
> This is planned to support multiple users, thus I need a solution that
> works well but not too expensive. (Blood from a stone).
> I have tried this senario using novell3.11 but the server allocating the
> virtual terminals to the client machines on the network seems to die with
> memory problems once the numbers grow.
> ___ vt100? ___ ____
> |mac|--------|sun|=|cd's|
> --- --- ----

Thanks to the following for their input.
I have been informed since the original message that maybe the old version
of softpc for the SUN (SUNOS) might be able to support clients using dos
functions. I am trying to source the user of this and fince out. (Birger A. Wathne) -

As long as the CD's are HighSierra file system format (most DOS CD's are),
you should be able to mount them under UNIX without problems. Remote PC's
can then NFS mount the CD's and run the software locally.

Your MAC should also be able to do something like this, if there
is a PC emulator available.
WABI works with all the PD software I have tried on it, but WABI is windows
only. It will not run apps that depend on DOS calls. The apps have to be
pure windows apps. And you will need X on the display that you want to run on.
SunPC is a complete PC emulator on the Sun. SunPC also requires that you run X.
I think I would recommend a PC emulator on the Mac, unless all your PC apps that
need these CD's are pure MS-windows apps. What I have seen of MacX
is terribly slow.

J Kevin Rohan <>
Once WABI is running, and
you install one of the approved 13 Windows apps (with the release Sun has
approved), then it is a pretty good product. Our local Sun SE says not to
install it for general release (we have some 400+ users). The next release
of WABI 2.0 is expected out around the end of the year. We have been an
Alpha and Beta site for WABI 2.0 and it, in its unreleased form runs
circles around the 1.1 version without any of the font loading problems.

Thanks Again

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