SUMMARY - Text to PS Converter

From: Jason Mclean (
Date: Wed Oct 12 1994 - 09:50:20 CDT

Thanks to those for all the replies.
I will now have to go through the list a try a couple to see if they meet
the requirements that I am looking for. Below is a list of those who
replied and their choices.

Thanks Again
Jason Mclean (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
        - his own converter ( The Terminator )
        - c code to do this (Garry Perratt)
        - Newsprint includes one
        - "pl" (PreLimn)
        - ghostscript/ghostview (find it with archie)
Jeff Collyer <>
        - a2ps
Torsten Metzner <>
        - a2ps and nenscript.
        - Try mpage
Salvatore Saieva <merccap!clark!>
        - psf might do it.
Rodney Campbell <> -
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>
        - a2ps is pretty good.
        - I use psf which I ftp'd from
Pat Max <>
        - I use enscript, which is part of the transcript package from Adobe. (Ruud van Poelgeest)
        - I know NewsPrint does a lot of that stuff, but it's not for free. (Robert Wolf)
        - there is a very good package called 'psf'.
               Contact the author for the latest information
                Tony Field:


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