SUMMARY: SOL2.3 builtin named or BIND

From: Guenter Millahn (
Date: Wed Oct 12 1994 - 03:15:50 CDT

Hi Sun Managers.

Please excuse the delay of posting the summary for my question.

The original request was:
> I have heard that the Solaris 2.3 named is not so good. Please send
> me a suggestion what is better: to use the Solaris 2.3 named or the
> Berkeley BIND.

All people who answered said the Solaris 2.3 builtin named is good
for every day tasks. The have no problems with it. One guy (Sven)
replied that the newest bind from Berkeley has some extended features.
The best way is to do the internal name resolving via NIS/NIS+ and
the external with named/bind.


Thanks to all people who replied:
From: (Steve_Kilbane)
From: Detlef Drewanz <>
From: (John Justin Hough)
From: (Sven Maurmann)
From: (Colleen Lagrotteria)
From: (Ronald W. Henderson)
From: (Clay Luther)
From: (Steve_Kilbane)

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