SUMMARY: tcsh and cmdtool

From: Lenny Turetsky (
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 05:05:46 CDT

First off, thanks to the following folks:

Paul Southworth <pauls@CIC.Net>
Casper Dik <>
Nino Margetic <> (Per Hedeland) (Brett Lymn)
Torsten Metzner <> (Jochen Bern)
"Patrick O'Callaghan" <>
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

The general consensis: yep, there's a conflict between tcsh and cmdtool.
They both try to do their own command-line editing, and end up stepping
on each other's toes.

I also discovered that this is mentioned in the README file that comes
with the tcsh sources.

Some recommended making xterm the only supported terminal emulator, but
I'm not sure I could pull support for both csh and cmdtool
simultaneously, so I guess I'm stuck for the time being. Worse things
have happened. ;->


PS A few people cautioned me against removing csh and sh from the system.
        I never even considered doing such a thing. I just wouldn't be
        supporting them (sh isn't supported at the moment).

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