SUMMARY: mac on unix

Date: Sat Oct 08 1994 - 03:22:50 CDT

Many thanks to the following individuals: (Lori Colleran) (Robert D. Worsham) (Jerry Stachowski) (Amaresh R. Joshi) (Brian Holgate) (Maria A. Barnum)

call 1-800-sos-apple for more information

Note: this is an update of a posting which appreared on
        sun-managers in late August of this year......

  There are two products that I'm aware of:

        1) Liken from Andataco
        2) MAE from Apple

  Liken was on its own until Apple's recent release of
  MAE (Macintosh Application Environment). As far as I
  know there are no public domain Macintosh emulators.

  We've had a copy of Liken for a couple of years, but
  we haven't been please with how quickly it's evolved
  (i.e. it's still System 6.0.7).

  We've just recently purchased Apple's MAE (Macintosh
  Application Enviroment), which is a 68040LC Macintosh
  emulator which runs under UNIX (Solaris 2.3 and HP-UX).
  A comparison of the products (my own :-) is provided

                Liken MAE
               ------- -------

          Reasonable response SLOW on LX,
          on SS2 (should be reasonable on SS5
          fine on SS5 as well)

          System 6.0.7 System 7.1 (Supports
          (doesn't support all System 7 based
          applications requiring applications [at least
System 7) all that I tried] :-)

          Black & White Color
          Limited network No network support
          support (supposedly (in progress...
          can use email - not - promised by 1st
          yet tested) Qtr 1995)

          Uses "Macintosh hard Uses/sees Unix file
          drive" (must allocate system as hard
          space on disk in user's drive (You are not
          directory for this constrained by a
          "hard drive" which is preallocated disk
          actually a single file file, but can use
          the size of the desired the entire unix
          Mac hard drive. i.e. file system)
          to obtain a 100 MB Mac --> applications
          hard disk, you must can be
          allocate/create a installed once
          100 Mb hard disk file) and easily
          --> applications can shared by all
              be shared, but only users
              through the use of --> can also set up
              an "applications common font directory
              hard disk" which for all users, which
              must be "mounted" can save 5+ Mb per
              within Liken user, useful for sites
                                       with many users

          Reads/writes Macintosh Reads/writes Macintosh
          HD floppies (800K HD floppies (800K
 floppies must be copied floppies must be copied
          to 1.4M floppies) to 1.4M floppies)

          Macintosh files can be Files can be read
          imported into Liken from or saved to
          only via floppy (or a Unix directory.
          possibly via email, if These files can be
          in fact that works), accessed from WABI
          but not via Unix file or another Macintosh
          system. via Cayman's GatorShare
                                   or similar software.

   Advanced Systems reviewed both products and favored
   MAE (slightly) over Liken. Personally I think that
   MAE is a much better product, especially once it's
   preformance improves.

   Note 1: no one has used Liken since mae was installed.....

   Note 2: You can ftp a demo of mae from,
           look in '/pub/mae/product-trial'.

one solution is the "macintosh application environment"
from apple itself. i think right now it's currently
available for sun and hp. to get a trial cd call
1-800-769-2775 ext 7675. i haven't tried this myself,
i'm waiting for my sparc 5 to arrive :-).

also in the may 94 issue of advanced systems there are reviews
of two mac emulator products:

liken 2.0
10140 mesa rim rd.
san diego, ca 92121
800-334-9191, 619-453-9191
fax 619-4539294

equal 1.3
quorum software systems
4700 bohannon dr., #125
menlo park, ca 94025
fax 415-323-3113

I believe Apple has an application tool box that will allow you to run Mac
software on various unix platforms.


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