SUMMARY: 4.1.3 on SparcServer 1000

From: Arthur Seaton (
Date: Fri Oct 07 1994 - 09:57:51 CDT

My original query:

> I'm looking for any information about running 4.1.3 on a 2 processor
> SparcServer 1000.

> I know that Sun doesn't support this and I've read the appropriate
> part in the faq which says that 4.1.3 "has been reported to run" on
> Sparc10 and Sun600 MP systems.

> What I really need is any details from people who have tried this or
> are actually running 4.1.3 on a sparc1000.

The (unanimous) answer is that you cannot run 4.1.3 on a sparc1000 or
sparc2000 as they are a sun4d kernel architecture and 4.1.3 does not
support this. This was verified by a couple of people who reported
trying and failing.

4.1.3 runs on Sparc10 and 600 MP systems because these are both sun4m
kernel architecture and this is supported within 4.1.3.

My thanks to the following:

Jim Ahokas <net.uu.uunet!csfb1!japan!ahokas>
Scott Kamin <sjk@com.kapre>
Casper Dik <casper@nl.uva.fwi>
Steve Hanson <hanson@gov.fnal.pogo>
Ken Erickson <kene@com.sun.eng>
Syed Zaeem Hosain <szh@com.zcon>
"John F. Detke" <jfd@com.eit>
Pat Max <pam@gov.lanl.fimad1>
Jane Medefesser <janem@com.sun.eng>
Chris Swanson <cds@com.ssds.sanjose>
Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <>
"Harry H. Sun" <>
Salvatore Saieva <net.uu.uunet!merccap!clark!saieva>
Eckhard Rueggeberg <Eckhard.Rueggeberg@de.dlr.go.ts>

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