SOLVED: Why? -- uux failed ( 75 ) SUMMARY

From: Kevin E Cosgrove (
Date: Fri Oct 07 1994 - 18:55:55 CDT

Randolph B. Brown <rbbrown@netcom.COM> had the answer that did
the trick. I had two bogus characters in /etc/passwd.

rb> This doesn't look like it -- but the most obscure failure I've ever
rb> seen with u ux produced exit code 75; it was caused by a blank line in
rb> /etc/passwd. I have no idea what aliasFind is; but try pwck as a shot in
rb> the dark. ... rb


Beginning on October 2nd 'uux' started to fail. I've triple
checked my UUCP and sendmail configurations and a number of
file/directory permissions. Nothing looks unusual. But still
all my outgoing mail gets deferred and is sitting in

Any idea why?

Below is a log of an attempt to send mail.

: equipe!!kevinc... Connecting to equipe via uucp...
: ** START **
: arg - equipe!rmail:arg - (!kevinc):arg - equipe!rmail (!kevinc)
: xsys equipe
: aliasFind (equipe) FAIL
: uux failed ( 75 )
: exit code 75
: equipe!!kevinc... Deferred

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