ODS on SUNOS 4.1.3_U1 Summary

From: Lois Coutu 1658 (lcoutu@chipcom.com)
Date: Thu Oct 06 1994 - 22:25:36 CDT

Thanks to all who replied. The install and implementation went off without

Below is my original request and responses.

Lois Coutu
Chipcom Corporation, Southboro Ma
E-mail: lcoutu@chipcom.com

> Hi Managers,
> We are about to install and implement Online DiskSuite 1.0 on our Sparc 20
> running SunOS 4.1.3_U1. Has anyone run into problems with this or have
> pointers that may help us through implementation?
> Thanks in advance.
> Lois Coutu

You need to install SunOS patch 101710-01 after ODS and pay attention to
SunOS bug #1092207 (save your rpc.lockd before the ODS install and put it
back after ODS). See the SMCC Solaris 1.1 release notes for the details on

 - Nate Itkin
 - Portland Technology Development, Intel Corporation Aloha, Oregon
 - E-mail: Nate-Itkin@ptdcs2.intel.com
It is quite a recipe driven procedure: Sun did this product and its
associated literature right. Follow the instructions provided in
the literature strictly and you won't encounter many problems -- really
the most painful part is building the kernel properly; from there on out,
striping, concatenating, growfs, making large file systems, etc., is
very easy.

Good luck!

I have been running this config for about 6 weeks with no problems
at all.

Julian Dryden
Sydney Australia.
Generally, this is a trouble free product to install. I would caution
you about several things, though, some of which don't directly
relate just to ODS:

        On the sun4m architecture, be sure you have kernel patches
        101508 and 101847 installed. This is important regardless
        of whether or not you are installing ODS, but ODS in particular
        seems to break badly without 101847.

        After you install ODS, AND ANY TIME YOU RE-MAKE THE KERNEL
        remember to run the command that patches the state database
        location into the kernel (metainit -p I think...it's been
        a while since I installed this on 4.x).


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I tried the same thing yesterday. It fails and I opened a call to the
(french) HotLine.
But if you get good answers, please tell me!

Jacques Beigbeder | Internet: beig@ens.fr
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Though not on this specific configuration, I have run ODS 1.x on Sparc-10's
running 4.1.3 and ODS 2.x on SS2000's running Solaris 2.3. Both configs
run like tops (the Sparc 10's have been running this way for about two
years) with nor problems. On one of the 2000's, I powered down a tray
to force ODS to "take over" and it performed great. I probably did the
same (or similar) on the SS10's but it was so long ago I don't remember.

If memory serves, there was only one typo in the install but the RTF
points it out. It had to do with a message stating that the software
only worked with 4.1.2 (or something) and asked if you wanted to go
ahead anyway.

Other than that the documentation we very good.

Hope it helps!

Dan Transue
LAN & Computer Integrators, Inc. | Email : odt@lci.com
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Be sure to read the addedum wrt rotational delay and maxcontig!
Without doing that you can find worse performance than you
started with.



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