SUMMARY: POP for Solaris 2.3

From: Jose M. Alcaide (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 06:48:55 CDT

In article, (Jose M. Alcaide, ME) writes:
> Hello,
> We had a SunOS 4.1.3 machine acting as POP server, using the UCB 1.831beta version.
> Now, we are moving the mail services to a Solaris 2.3 server, and I succeeded in
> compiling the POP daemon using the Source Compatibility Package, which has
> bad reputation.
> Until now, the popd runs fine under Solaris 2.3, but I would like to get a version
> of the POP daemon that I could compile directly under Solaris 2.3. I have been
> looking for this thing in several FTP sites, but I haven't found nothing.
> Anybody has solved this problem?

I have received several e-mail responses, and some "me, too" queries, so I'm

There is a SVR4 implementation of POP3: its name is pop3-svr4 (obviously!).
I downloaded, compiled and installed it without any problem. Cool!
In addition, there exists the IMAP protocol, which has many advantages over
POP (and the limitation of fewer clients -now-), and *includes* POP as
a subset. The more recent version is imap-3.5. Both can be found in the
major FTP sites. Thanks for your answers!

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