SUMMARY Fax Server for Sun and PCNFS network

From: John Sheehy (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 23:18:41 CDT

Sorry it took so long to post this summary . I received many responses from
people who had suggestions and twice as many responses from people who were
looking for the same solution . My thanks to those who had answers and hope
this helps everyone looking for the solution . I have not had time to test
any of these products so I can't tell you which ones work and which ones don't
but here are the reponses I received .

Isofax from the Bristol Group has a good/reliable server. There client
is not the most robust tool, it pretty much just lets you compose, send
and recieve. You can set up a printcap entry so that anything printed
to xfax will start isofax and import the printfile into a compose
window. They support multiple lines and use email for notification
of transmission and reciept.

They also used to support WinFax Pro as a client. They told us
the other day that they were dropping that and are releasing their
own MS Windows client since Delrina would not give them the support
they needed.

 The Bristol Group

Hi John!
I am going through the same situation you are, depending upon
how you visualize your solution, i.e. shell interfaces and so on
this is what I have found out so far:
1- HeliosCOM+ makes a fax/modem card takes one SBUS slot
comes with its own software Openwindows 3 based, but you can controll
it from csh line command. #(408) 432-0292
contact steve, sorry I forgot his last name -tech support anyways
they can give you more specs.
2.-LAT Termserv / Loast Altos technology has the software
for the dial back security feature
voice #(415)988-4848
contact Jeff Yunker email
3.- There is a software / csh script or wahtever you like to call it
and I was told you can ftp from the following ftp site
the name is pcomm and is suppose to give you an interface or menu
like procomm in the pc but from the csh level, I was lucky enough
to find somebody to downloaded for me, but I just got it yesterday
and I have not been able to start reading to see what it takes to
make it work or if it is what I espected

      You need to look at the ISOFAX software (for SUN), and the
Delrina FaxPro software for the PC side. They can talk to each other,
using the Sun as the fax server (and/of client) and the PC's as

Hello John,

You can use PD software flexfax, which
You can get from (
in /sgi/fax directory. Latest version is
v2.3beta036.src.tar.gz. It's a great software.
You can subscribe to flexfax mailing list by
sending request to
with following commands:

subscribe flexfax

Flexfax has a MS Windows client winflex in
/sgi/fax/contrib directory.
The latest version of winflex You can
find in /pub/uunet/networking/fax/leffler/contrib
on (
There is a X-front end for flexfax written on Tk,
but I don't remember from where You can grep it.
Check flexfax mailing list archives or send a question

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