summary: quota hangs on Solaris 2.3

From: LaCoursiere J. D. (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 15:32:01 CDT

Original question:

>We recently upgraded our admin machines to 2.3 in an effort to learn
>before the user base upgrades. One particular machine appears to run
>"quota" whenever someone logs in. This program hangs in a way that
>prevents a login over the net. Logging in from the console does not
>appear to be a problem. To our knowledge, noone has done anything to
>enable quotas, so it is a mystery why this is occuring. Any quick


Not sure why it was occuring - rebooted the machine and the problem went
away. Several people suggested that a hung NFS mount can cause this; very
plausible in our environment. "quota" is run from /etc/.login (csh) and
/profile (sh,ksh); if you will never need quotas, the call may be commented
out of these files. Several people suggested commenting out the lines in
/etc/rc1.d/S01MOUNTFSYS that enable quotas. Also several suggestions to
add the option "noquota" in vfstab for all filesystems. Not sure how this
will work for automounted filesystems coming from many different platforms...

Many thanks to the following (and anyone who posts after I send this summary):

Mike Bennett <> (Dan Transue) (Myron China) (George Pallas)
"Frank 'Scruffy' Miller" <Frank.Miller@master.CNA.TEK.COM>

Jeff LaCoursiere
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