SUMMARY: nfs client problem

From: Colin Johnson (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 02:46:45 CDT

Hi again

(original posting attached below)

Well after 2 days of head scratching I recalled that I had changed a 'scratched'
sunlink executable with a copy on the server, this file included a couple of
machine specific fields. Putting the file back made things work just dandy.

Thanks anyway to: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

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> Hi
> My network includes an IPX/4.1.2 running as the yp master, an SS2/4.1.3 running
> as a yp-slave and various other 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 machines running as yp clients.
> My print server has been causing problems for ages and on Friday I rebooted it.
> It has attached to the yp-slave (usual) but cannot see the yp master (bizzare!).
> The yp-master cannot see the print server, but can see everything esle.
> Everything else can see everything else.
> I'm sure I've missed some details out from here.
> I've checked the Sys Admin Guide, but no joy there.
> I've rebooted the yp-slave (for the hell of it) I've rebooted another machine
> on the network (it can still see everything) I've rebooted the machine in
> question serveral times too.
> Any AnswerBook pointers, answer pointers, hints, tips or answers would be
> very nice. (AnswerBook is installed on the yp-master but all the PS files
> and stuff are on the broken machine, so I'd have to throw some user of a
> CD-ROM to check AB). (Not that I'd mind that much!!)

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