Summary: X.25 problems

From: Larry Chin (
Date: Tue Oct 04 1994 - 09:33:11 CDT

                        ORIGINAL QUESTION
Has anybody configured Sunlink X.25 to allow downloads via x,y,z modem over
the public dial ports ? If so, could you tell me what you had to do ?

Turns out the problem is with Sunlink X.25 v7.0. This version does not fully
implement the 1988 X.25 standard and as such does not allow setting of
parameter 21. This parameter controls parity on the X.25 line. Once that
parameter is set properly ( in this case no parity [s21:0] ) everything worked
just fine.

Thanks to: (LaCoursiere J. D. (Jeff))
Dan Murray <> (Paul D. Guthrie)

Tue Oct 4 06:35:17 EDT 1994
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