SUMMARY: Does Sun loan equipments for technical conferences

From: Jeff Kitson (
Date: Tue Oct 04 1994 - 04:48:35 CDT

> I've been asked to see if Sun would loan equipment for attendees to
> present demos at a technical conference coming up soon. I tried
> calling Sun, but I can't reach anyone who has the slightest idea of
> who might handle such a situation. I'm am hoping someone has had to
> deal with this type of situation and can point me to the correct group
> that would handle this, and/or confirm whether Sun would even
> undertake such a proposal (i.e. loan a few machines for a part of a
> week).

I received about 30 replies that represent the following:

  21 check with the local sales office
   4 check with the Catalyst program
   1 check with Sparc clone vendors
   2 recommended renting
   2 said it was unlikely I would get help from Sun
     (maybe this should be 4, including the 2 that
     recommend renting).

The following reply best summarizes the steps to take when making
arrangements with the local sales office:

Robert Chur <Robert.Chur@Central.Sun.COM> writes:

   I would suggest you call the sales office in the city the conference
   will be held in to see if arrangements for a loan can be made.

   Having dealt with beaucoup loaners in my sales-support days,
   I offer some suggestions...
   #1. Arrange the loan several weeks in advance; it gives the sales
        office planning time and it may net you a better loaner system.
        Loaner policy is typically first-come, first-served.
   #2. These conference loans are done as favors, they are _NOT_ the
        primary reason for the sales offices loaner pools, so be
        appreciative and humble. Try to make it as easy as possible
        for whomever you deal with and you will likely get much better
   #3. The receptionist who answers the phone will have no idea about
        loaners, etc. Explain that you are interested in arranging an
        equipment loan and ask to speak with the `SE' (sales/systems
        engineer) in change of such arrangements.
   #4. Avoid dealing with sales reps or managers :^)


I was unsuccessful getting any help from Sun. I think the reasons
in my case are:

   1) wasn't persistent enough to get to the right person
   2) not enough advanced notice (I had less than one week)
   3) work at small company, and treated as such (some still
      haven't returned my call to tell me "sorry, can't help")
   4) was able to piece together the needed equipment
      with the help of another organization (that was on a Monday
      and the equipment was needed Tuesday)

Many thanks to everyone:

    sjk@KaPRE.COM (Scott Kamin)
    Robert.Chur@Central.Sun.COM (Robert Chur)
    Kenneth.Erickson@Eng.Sun.COM (Ken Erickson) (Jim Seavey)
    "Henry Mensch" <>
    Gene Rackow <> (Peter Samuel)
    "John Strupp" <>
    Rune Mossige <>
    epl@Kodak.COM (Gene Loriot (
    John Murray <> (Derrick Cole - Raleigh) (Steve Ramsey) (Earl Manning)
    "Sam C. Nicholson !!" <>
    daVinci!metcalf (Taft Metcalf) (Louis Brune) (Steve Hanson) (Network Manager) (Kathryn Fielding)
    ahs!california! (rocky gould) (Gerry Massie)
    Jim Redpath SRI Ft Bragg <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
    wolfe!bchspd!muse!dtsai (David Tsai) (John E. Ivory) (Russ Poffenberger) (Reggie Beavers - UNIX Sys Admin)

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