SUMMARY: .forward problem

From: Matthew Siple (
Date: Sat Oct 01 1994 - 01:57:53 CDT


Recently I posted a quesiton regarding .forward not working properly.
I was losing all mail sent to any address with a .forward.

My thanks to all that replied.

Most people replied that it was either the classic .forward loop
problem where a user forwards it to one machine then and then
at the other end forwards it back.

Others suggested that I did not have the .forward readable to the world
which in some cases was true on some users files. Unfortutly it was not the
only solution.

The real problem was that I miss diagnosed the problem. Yes I was
losing all mail sent to any adress with a .forward but I was also
losing all mial sent out of that subnet. After that real problem was
found a little snooping around showed that although I could ping
outside the lab the routing was not what it should have been. I deduced
(with help from other more experienced net managers on our campus) that
the routing table had been corrupted and mail simply was not being
forwarded. Rebooting the server solved the problem.

Again thanks to all that replied. (Ashok Sharma) (Martin Achilli)
  "Sandi Donno" <> (Lori Colleran) (Mike van der Velden [4243])
  bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (David Way) (Jochen Bern) (Ayrton Sargusingh) (Jim Hendrickson)
 and anyone I may have missed.

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