SUMMARY: system crash, patches & strangeness

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Thu Sep 29 1994 - 19:41:03 CDT

First of all I want ot thank everyone that sent me info. My question was:
> I'm running 4.1.3_U1 on a 670 MP. It recently crashed & I called
> Sun Support that recommended I install the "Recommeded patches"
> *especially* the following patches:
> 101508-06
> 101321-02
> 101954-02
> I got the recommended patches & installed the following:
> 100444-62
> 100448-02
> 100452-68
> 100478-01
> 100802-01
> 101434-03
> 101436-02
> 101440-01
> 101579-01
> 101587-01
> 101665-02
> 101679-01
> 101759-02
> Now I'm having some weird behavior in Mailtool. When I have a list
> of messages & I double click on one the message headers in the main
> mailtool window, the message window is VERY slow to respond. The
> mouse just doesn't seem to act normal in mailtool. Do I need another
> patch??
> The system is still crashing. So hard that it's down to the eprom
> before it does a savescore (which also means it can't reboot itself &
> someone has to manually do it). My Sun Support hardware person says
> "cracker" but I think I would have seen some trail of a cracker in one
> of my numerous log files. I'm not sure if it's hardware or software.
> Anyone know of any free diag programs that might help me out here?

I received replies from the following 4 people:

Both of my problems were fixed due to the help of this group.
My first problem:
1) System crashes
Kenneth gave me some things to try but said he was pretty sure it
was hardware. He was right. We had the main board swapped out
& the system hasn't crashed since.

2) Slow & strange Mailtool
Mike posted not only to the group but also to me on the necessity of
installing the rest of the Openwin patches. I was merrily patching
away and after about 6 patches I had to use my Mailtool. And the
problem was fixed! I think the patch that solved the problem was:

100492-10 (olwm patch)
Thanks again to everyone!


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