SUMMARY:Classics ethernet interface wedges

From: Stephen Campbell (
Date: Wed Sep 28 1994 - 19:01:29 CDT

My query was:

I have a Sparc Classic (server) whose ethernet interface, le0, once a week
or so stops passing packets. If there's an external cause, I haven't
observed it. Ifconfig still shows the interface up and running, but no
traffic moves. Oddly enough, if you do a 'netstat -i' command from the
console, the interface starts passing packets again as if nothing had

This problem occurs with both the 10-base-T and the AUI interface, and it
happened under Solaris 2.2 and 2.3+patches.

The answer seems to be applying patch #101306-04, which says:

Patch-ID# 101306-04
Keywords: fix to le driver for SunConnect products network packet copying error rcp ftp le0 memory disksuite
Synopsis: SunOS 5.3: fix to le & qe drivers
Date: Sep/01/94

I plan to apply this patch asap. Thanks to (Nate Nicholson)
for the pointer.

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