SUMMARY: File Manager loses file

Date: Tue Sep 27 1994 - 20:52:14 CDT

SUMMARY: The File Manager in OpenWindows lost a file during a drag
          and drop to a directory to which the user did not have
          permission to write.


1. This is a particularly nasty bug in filemanager, fixed by the file
   manager jumbo patch, 100462-29. This patch also requires a classing
   engine patch (100524 and xview patch 100452).
   Glenn Satchell

2. To recover files, run fsck and then look under lost&found. Your
   files will be there under a numbered directory.
   John P. Goggin Email:

3. I think file mangler renames the file with a leading double dots
   (..) in the original directory.
   Richard Skelton | e-mail :

4. Sometimes the file(s) get put into the PC, bin or wastebasket areas.

Additional thanks go to the following people:

Henry Katz <> (Jochen Bern)


D. Peter Sardella Martin Marietta, M&DS
Valley Forge, PA USA

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