Non-Summary: securenets NOT!

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 07:15:29 CDT

I wrote:
> Hello fellow Admins, today I've incorporated a Lot of Patches into our
> Server-to-be. While doing so, I saw that one of my favorite Patches,
> 100482 aka YP securenets Patch, is now said to be incorporated into
> the OS (My Server is a Classic Clone and runs 4.1.3_U1B). Good! I thought
> and set up a /var/yp/securenets with one Line per Host, Mask Value
> (we have quite dispersed IP#'s), for a Total of 16
> Hosts; I left one out, wanting to test the Security on that Host.
> After rebooting the Server-to-be to get all the Kernel Patches to work,
> I went over to the Computa disgrata and did a "ypcat -d
> passwd", and lo and behold, I got all the Stuff right away! (I can tell
> for sure that it's not the Data of the temporary Domain we currently use
> because we're migrating to Site-wide UIds and GIds as well.)

Both Per Hedeland <> and Brett Lymn <>
assured me that it DOES work on their Sites. And out of the Blue, it
started working over here, too. (I recognized that when I tried to install
the mentioned Test Client, which I still hadn't put back into securenets. ;-)

I have no Idea what went wrong. Yes, I *did* *reboot* after having put
securenets in Place, I had a Series of Kernel Patches to get going and
wanted to go single User for 101508-06. However, the Server had one or
the other Problem with File Ownerships (the mentioned Migration) and
Permissions; I can't tell why this would affect /var/yp/securenets, but
*maybe* ypserv couldn't read securenets on the first Try.

SUN, are you listening? I would welcome a ypserv which SHOUTS OUT LOUD
upon not finding / being able to read securenets when it's started.
Gives Upgraders a Chance to learn about that Patch, too.

                                                                        J. Bern

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