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From: Jochen Bern (bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE)
Date: Sat Sep 24 1994 - 08:08:23 CDT

Hooray to the Aussies ... I asked:
> I wanted to add about a Dozen new File Types to our cetables, and wise up
> some of the existing Setups. I started at Noon, now it's Midnight. I ended
> up putting a Script around binder which backups the cetables whenever I
> call binder, so I didn't shoot myself in the Foot *too* often, but now I
> have two File Types left and whenever I try to add a Filename Mask to them,
> binder falls over dead. However, I haven't gotten my Hands at any OW Jumbo
> Patches yet. Will these cure the Problem? Or exists another Solution, like
> a more reasonable Browser for the CE Database? Oh yes, this is for 4.1.3_U1B
> + OW 3.0 on a Classic Clone.

To which I received two Replies:

Brett Lymn <> pointed me to two Progs in /usr/openwin/bin:
ce_db_build and ce_db_merge. No SEE ALSO in the binder Manpage, of course.
With these, you can extract the cetables to an ASCII File, edit them, and
wrap everything back in. I will stick with this Approach because unlike
Binder, it allows me to juggle the Sequence (and, thus, Priority) of Entries.

Glenn Satchell <> pointed stupid me to the Fact that on
my OS CD, there's already a Couple of Patches included, among them ow3_u1
which consists of a Series of Patches including a Binder Jumbo Patch.
I installed this, but when trying the new Binder to add some File Name
Masks to my "Manpage" File Type, it blew up again. Sorry SUN, no Cigar.

Speaking of SUN: Boys, when I try to extract_patch something, I don't
find it very helpful when
a) There's a _readme I can't get at 'cause extract_patch prepends
   "Patch_" to whatever Name I enter,
b) I don't get told that I need to exit OW before the Stuff has been
   extracted from the CD,
c) extract_patch happily erases everything upon the following Exit,
d) running extract_patch again while NOT in OW produces the same Result
   'cause there's an xnews Process hung in the Background, which the
   Installation Script takes as Trigger for Death Penalty.

Now for the new Q: Among the new Types I added to the cetables, there
are some which are of local Interest only, but *some* are global, like
JPEG, TIFF, MPEG, HTML, Libs, BibTeX Libs, PGP and RIPEM Stuff, ... .
Since the cetables get used by Mailtool when I send and receive Attach-
ments of the specified Type, there is some Interest to have compatible
Definitions across Sites. Is there something like "Mike Maildude's
List of useful cetables Additions"?

                                                                        J. Bern

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