SUMMARY - Adding Modems under 4.1.3

From: Stephen Pendleton (
Date: Sat Sep 24 1994 - 01:10:48 CDT

My original question concerned how to add a 28.8 Sportster modem to a Sun
running 4.1.3.

I forgot to mention I am using 4.1.3...sorry.


What I did was:

Installed patch 100513-04 to fix hardware control problems that wouldn't
allow the serial line to go faster than 19200 baud.

Add a device entry(s) in /dev with:
                                 mknod /dev/ttya c 12 128 (for first modem)
                                 mknod /dev/ttyb c 12 129 (for second modem)

Made a line in /etc/gettytab: k|mdm.9600|9600-baud:p8:sp#9600
(p8 means 8-bit/no parity)
(sp#9600 is the serial port baud rate. I couldn't get modems to work with
the baud rate set any higher.)

Made a line in /etc/ttytab:
        for first modem----> ttya "/usr/etc/getty mdm.9600" dialup on remote
        for second modem---> ttyb "/usr/etc/getty mdm.9600" dialup on remote

        eeprom ttya-rts-dtr-off=false
        eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=false

        eeprom ttyb-rts-dtr-off=false
        eeprom ttyb-ignore-cd=false

(You probably should reboot to make these settings take effect but I didn't)

Did a: kill -1 1 (reinitialize the init process)

Added lines to /etc/remote:

Did a: kill -1 1
The modems do work, however I dunno if this is the correct way of doing
things. For a treatise on the subject check out the file

Good luck!


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