SUMMARY:System won't boot after patches

From: Russ Poffenberger (
Date: Thu Sep 22 1994 - 20:56:53 CDT

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I just installed (at the request of our configuration management system vendor)
patches 101318-54 and 101344-11 to our SS-10 512MP system running Solaris 2.3.

Now the system will not boot. It prints the inital message, then the spinner
just hangs there.

The system is dead in the water, boot -r or boot -s don't work either.

What is the best way to recover (we should have backups if that is the only

Everybody suggested booting from CDROM and restoring the files replaced by
the patch, or restoring backup. I restored from backup and the system is
running again.

This is the last time I will try installing any patches without an alternate
boot disk. I can't believe that Sun would issue patches that are likely to
blow up a system.

Thanks to the following..

Gary Merinstein <> (George Pallas) (Marco A. Gaspar R.) (Brian White)

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