SUMMARY: mail aliases on solaris 2.3

From: Vittorio Giannini (
Date: Thu Sep 22 1994 - 19:39:08 CDT


        I got the right answer from Richard J. Niziak <>.
        He told me that the problem was in
        His message is:

---Richard's mail-------------------------------------------------------

Check your file for the entry 0b10 and change it to a larger
number like 20.. the 0b option sets sendmail to refuse to send tiny
messages to lists that have 10 or greater recepients...

1)Modify /etc/mail/ with the change above
2)kill the sendmail daemon
3)Create a new frozen configuration file:
  % /usr/lib/sendmail -bz
4)Restart sendmail:
  % /usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q1h


        Thanks to Richard and thanks also to

        Bye, Vittorio Giannni
----Vittorio's message----------------------------------------------------------

        My old message was:

> I have a problem with mail aliases in Sol2.3.
> My /etc/mail/aliases file has a lot of aliases
> and all worked fin so far.
> Today I added another alias to file with the right
> syntax but I'm not able to use it because I get the error:
> calcetto... aliased to calcetto1, calcetto2
> calcetto2... aliased to faustino, gba, gentilef,, matar, mikko
> calcetto1... aliased to carpinet, casto, dammicco,,rvozzella
> Too many recipients for no message body
> Saving message in /dead.letter
> /dead.letter... Cannot mail directly to files

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