SUMMARY: 8mm tape recommendations

From: Ken Erickson (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 19:42:41 CDT

I asked for recommendations on which brand of 8mm tape to buy, and
received about 25 replies.

The majority of people recommended Sony tapes, with several pointing
out that Exabyte-branded tapes are actually certified Sony tapes.

Other brands that were said to be good were:
BASF, Dysan, Fuji "DS", 3M, Maxell, and Carlisle.

A couple of people mentioned that the only officially supported tapes
are Exabyte and Sony Data Grade tapes.

I was also cautioned to use "Data Grade" tapes for anything other
than one shot backups, since the video grade tapes seem to be less

I also called Sony and 3M, and asked their tech support people
how many read or write passes I could expect from their products.
3M said 2000 passes, and Sony said 1000 passes. Both of these
numbers seem really high to me, and I doubt we'll ever use any
tapes this many times.

Based on the replies, I think Sony Data Grade tapes will be our
choice. They're a bit more expensive, but it seems like they're
worth it.

Thanks to all who replied.


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