summary of BBS software for UNIX

Date: Thu Sep 22 1994 - 00:05:02 CDT

Hello Sun Managers:

This is a summary of diferent suggestions of BBS software for UNIX.

Thank you very much for everyone who answered my question.

Product: TEAMate UNIX BBS Server
           * Data Sources Report COPYRIGHT 1994 Ziff Communications Company
 Company: MMB Development Corp.
 Address: 904 Manhattan Ave.
           Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
           800-832-6022; 310-318-1322
           FAX: 310-318-2162
           Tech support BBS: 310-318-5302
 Category: Software, Communications
              Bulletin Board Software
 Specs: Mfr. suggested list price: $2,000-$25,000
           Number sold: 350
           Release date: 1985
           Application: Bulletin Board
           Compatible with: AT&T UNIX System V; Sun/SunOS: HP/HP-UX;
              DEC/ULTRIX; DG/DG/UX; XENIX; IBM RS/6000/AIX; Intel; Sequent
           Minimum RAM required: 4 MB
           Disk storage required: 8 MB
           Network compatibility: Ethernet
           Source language: C
           Lease price: Lease $1,728 and up per mo.
           Customer support: Maint. fee 15% of purchase price per yr.
           Site licensing available: Yes
 Product Summary:
    Client/server multi-user communications and text management system.
    Allows user to provide information electronically via bulletin boards,
    customer support, electronic meetings and maintain on-line reference
    libraries. Allows user to develop joint documents and link with other
 Full Description:
    Server type product that users can access via Telnet or modem with a
    terminal program, via e-mail by sending a mail message to a special
    address with the contained query, via a TEAMate GUI client for
    Windows, Mac or UNIX, via a Gopher client or a Mosaic client. Allows
    the user to run a multi-purpose information server for commercial
    applications. Features include full text retrieval, customization,
    user-created applications, user access controls, accounting and audit
 Other Terms:

Product: BBSPak
           * Data Sources Report COPYRIGHT 1994 Ziff Communications Company
 Company: Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.
 Address: 4 Pleasant St.
           Forge Village, MA 01886
           800-743-1723; 508-692-9922
           FAX: 508-692-9990
           Tech support: Use main no.
 Category: Software, Communications
              Bulletin Board Software
 Specs: Mfr. suggested list price: $210
           Release date: 1994
           Application: Bulletin Board
           Compatible with: SCO UNIX; SCO XENIX; Sun-3, SPARCstation/SunOS,
              Solaris; DEC/ULTRIX, OSF/1; IBM RS/6000/AIX; HP 9000 Series
              700/HP-UX; DG/DG/UX
           Source code price: $150
           Customer support: phone support; addl. support agreement avail.
 Product Summary:
    Features BBS mail, talk, chat, customizable permissions, menus,
    idle/disconnect and file upload/download.

Product: Pirates
Source: ftp sobre

George Pallas Voice: 614-764-6301
Manager, Systems Management Section FAX: 614-761-5047
OCLC, Inc. Email:
6565 Frantz Road "This time for SURE!"
Dublin, OH 43017 -- Bullwinkle J. Moose
Product: Waffle
Source: e-mail a
Take a look at waffle. You can find it in major ftp sites, check archie
for more info.

Gustavo Vegas titan!
CAD Systems Administrator Microchip Technology Inc.
                                   Chandler, Arizona
Our local computer user group (PACS) uses Magpie from Steve Manes in NYC,
but this is shareware distributed as SCO binary files. Its strength is
its ability to handle threaded messages with powerful search facilities, a
reasonable editor and documentation.

XBBS is an RBBS-like package for UNIX which is public domain.
SBBS is a Shell based BBS package which you will have to 'tweek'
mbbs is from Univ of Mich? It uses modified Elm and Pico as part of the

 AAA BBB BBB Bill Lenherr
A A B B B B CAD Analyst
A A B B B B Phone 1-304-647-4358
A A BBBB BBBB Fax 1-304-647-3697

Asea Brown Boveri - Process Analytics
843 North Jefferson Street
Lewisburg, West Virgina 24901

Product: eaglebbs
Jack Valko <>
Do an archie search for eaglebbs.

>From flash@flash.FlashBack.COM Wed Sep 14 09:40:14 1994
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 23:30:40 +0500
From: flash@flash.FlashBack.COM
Subject: Re: Does anybody know BBS software for UNIX?

From: Brian Cummings <>
       Dynamis Software Announces the availability of Tera BBS v2.1/UNIX

 Staten Island, NY, September 4th, 1994 - Dynamis Software today announced
that it was ready to begin selling Tera BBS v2.1/UNIX, the successor to the
multi-national Tera BBS v2.0/UNIX. Since August 1993, Tera BBS has been
leading the pack with features including RIPscrip and ANSI support.

 "From the smallest UNIX box to the most powerful, Tera BBS will bring you
into the future with it's expandibility," noted Dynamis Software President
and CEO, Brian Cummings. The heart of the expandibility is Dynamis
Software's programming language that has been in use for over two years, and
has spanned multiple platforms with ports to other operating systems, like
Windows, in the planning stages. "We have been in the telecommunications
industry for many years as either callers, SysOps, or developers, and we
think we understand what each set wants, and we believe Tera BBS is that
product," commented Cummings. Through TPL, SysOps can modify the BBS source
code in a simple BASIC-like language. Current SysOps of Tera BBS v2.0/UNIX
comment that Tera BBS is a "BBS engine."

 "We have noticed that UNIX SysOps want to have the same features as DOS BBS
programs, and Tera BBS fulfills the majority of these requests," noted
Cummings. The package includes alot of utilities for the SysOp that range
from checking user's disk space usage to checking the size of their E-Mail
file, notifying them and/or the SysOp of people who go over the limit.

 Other features that set Tera BBS apart from the rest of the UNIX based BBS
programs are its programming language that allows for the modification of
*EVERY* aspect of the BBS, and new modules to be easily written, complete
graphical FTP, E-Mail, Gopher, NetNews (Usenet) and File Manager using the
popular RIPscrip protocol. Also included are a database query program that
can interpret human sentences, local/remote file bases, online user editting
for the modification of user's attributes while they are online, multi-user
teleconference with action words, and even a node monitor that allows for
the SysOp to watch in real-time what users are doing with the ability to log
any user off in a keystroke.

 Tera BBS v2.1/UNIX has binaries for Linux and SunOS, with ports to other
unices when there is a need for it, and resources can accompany the request.

 Tera BBS's FTP module doubles as a file base system. Using it, you can set
up transfer limits on a single directory, either local or remote, a complete
system, or standard defaults. These limits include bytes, time or files. It
will automatically try to grab either two types of file descriptions that
are compatible with the FILES.BBS format popular on most CD-ROMs.

 The Tera News Reader allows for the manipulation of any number of
newsgroups, local or remote. It uses existing Mail Delivery Agents (MDAs) to
deliver mail, but handles NNTP on its own. It also has it's own derivative
of NNTP that will only read in the bases a user has subscribed to. This is
ideal for SysOps with a slow link to their provider.

 Tera's File Manager provides a point and click interface to the local file
system. Using the 0-9 keys, users can define shell commands that get run on
the current file with variables to handle parameters that might change each
run time. Also included is the ability to associate extensions with
commands. For instance, a user might associate *.txt files with a command
like vi @FILENAME@, which would load the current file into the vi editor.

 Tera BBS v2.1/UNIX is available now for a suggested retail price of $395,
which includes free technical support. There are plans for a monthly
newsletter that will be run by Dynamis Software that handles monthly Q&A,
third party advertisements, and other types of Tera BBS related items.

 Dynamis Software has been producing telecommunications products for the
past seven years. Tera BBS has been being developed for over four years, and
for over a year under UNIX. Dynamis Software can be reached by voice at
(718)966-6840, or by E-Mail at Those wishing to try out Tera
BBS can send E-Mail to for the place to telnet into.

John J. Mclaughlin Publisher/Editor SunFlash & FlashBack
1981 NW 38th Terrace Coconut Creek FL 33309 USA
(305) 351 4909 FAX (305) 776 7963
flash@Flashback.COM flash@Sun.COM

Write to about his Uniboard package.

Jim Gottlieb
E-Mail: In Japan:
Voice: +1 619 497 4788 V-Mail: +1 619 260 6912 Fax: +1 619 497 4777

>From Mon Sep 19 09:53:16 1994
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 00:26:30 CST

Term for UNIX from Century Software has a BBS set up in it (as well as
brilliant file transfer and other goodies). Century advertise regularly in
all the main UNIX journals - try UNIX Review or SCO World.
Melodie Neal Phone +61 2 317 3088 Fax +61 2 667 3093
Com Tech Communications Sydney, Australia

>From Tue Sep 20 09:20:01 1994
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 21:51:31
Subject: BBS under Unix

Hi Rafael,
         Saw your posting in comp.unix.questions with regards to the
above. I would have replied to the newsgroup but unfortunately I have
some problems with my news reader under DOS - just didn't want to take
the risk.

         Appended to this email is the description of Volker
Schuerman's "ix/Mbox BBS v2.1 for Unix" written by Volker Schuerman
himself. You may ftp it from (, I think)
under the following directory:

    I'm pretty sure of the absolute path until this point ---+
    You may have to search for it if I'm wrong.

Subject: Re: BBS software for UNIX

Most of the one I looked at (MMB Teammate, Tera BBS, and a few others) did
the above, however: The user interfaces to these apps were no better or
worse that the apps run straight from a shell!

You can accomplich the above by writing/using a perl script and user
friendly apps line 'pine' for mail, 'pico' as editor, 'tin' for news, etc.

In addition the BBS software was very expensive ($200-$3000).

If you like I will send you the perl script I wrote as BBS. For
accounting, I take the output from thye 'last' command and convert it into a
database format. The only accounting I really do is time on-line. I don't
care what my users do once theyre here. It would be pretty simple to track
a users activity simply by writing a line to a file (via the perl script)
saying the enter & exit date, enter & exit time, service, etc.


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