Summary : Newsprinter 20 causes hangs on Sparc 20

From: Chesnut, Dave (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 20:08:39 CDT

The following suggestions seem to fix my problem.

Thanks guy!


> I am having a strange problem when using our newly installed
> Newsprinter 20.
> The Sparc 20 hangs when the printer either has a paper jam or some other
> reason
> to send a message back to the Sparc AND a large SAS job is running. I
> have SAS
> configured to take up about 32meg of the installed 64 and have tried
> decreasing this
> with no luck.
> I am running Solaris 2.3 with NeWSprint 2.5 installed. I only
> noticing the problem
> once I installed the second 32meg module in the sparc although before that
> the machine
> was not heavily used.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You don't say if you're using Newsprint 2.5 rev A or B (look on the CD
for some fine print near the part number). Anyway, I'd recommend you
be sure you're running 2.5B AND also get patch 101655-02 which addresses

If you don't have a support agreement, you should still be able to get
the patch under warranty (800-USA-4SUN).


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Hi Dave,

have a look on patch 101655-02. This patch fixes these bugs:

Problem Description:

1109837 NeWSprint should automatically select tray when papersize is
1124518 spd driver hangs queue and the handler process is unkillable.
1139468 The NeWSprinter 20 handler hangs when using manual feed.
1147368 The page count does not work when printing with the NeWSprinter 20.
1149358 The NeWSprinter 20 causes a "panic: Data fault" after paper jam.
1149733 The SPARCCenter 2000 data faults when adding the maximum number
        of printers (30).
1154661 The add_np_printer program to install an HP printer on Solaris 2.3
        is broken by a change to sed.

I hope it helps.

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