SUMMARY: Controlling the execution on two processors (Sol.2.3)

From: Dimitris Kontoudis (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 13:31:02 CDT


four people responded to my original question which was:

        Is there some way to control which process is
        allocated to which processor, and to manually
        allocate a process to a specific processor ?

The people who responded are: Henry Katz Hal Stern

The answer is yes. The ``pbind'' cpmmand can be used to control
and query binding of processes to processors. However,

"the solaris scheduler puts threads (processes and interrupts) on
CPUs in priority order. it tries to keep a process running on
the same processor (so it enjoys the "warm" cache it had), and
tries to direct interrupts to the CPU that issued the i/o request
(again to maximize cache hits). you can try binding a process
to a processor (see psradm), but this may not give you what you
want -- you might want both CPUs to be free to handle interrupts
at the same time. in general, the OS will do a better job
scheduling things on the fly than any hard partitioning of resources
Thanks to all who responded.



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