SUMMARY:Installing SUNOS for sun4c from sun4m machine..

From: Kumaraswamy Subramanian (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 07:03:20 CDT

MY original question:
> I am trying to install SunOS4.1.3_U1 for sun4c arch. from a Sparc5 (sun4m)
> (since this has a local CD-ROM). I would like to install
> sun4c.sunos.4.1.3_U1 on the local disk(sd0) and then transfer this disk
> to the sparc2.
> Suninstall assumes that I need to install sun4m.sunos.4.1.3_U1 and hence
> I don't have a menu to choose sun4c.sunos.4.1.3_U1.
> Is there a way to cheat the suninstall and make it believe that the
> kern_arch is sun4c and not sun4m?

The answer is YES you can. I followed the method suggested by Mike Pearlman
( and it was a cake walk. Thanks Mike !!.

1) load the miniroot as per normal
2) mv the arch command out of the way and create a shell script which returns
   the correct values for the architecture that you want. (This step may be
   unnecessary but I did not feel like experimenting)
    if [ "$1" = "-k" ]; then
        echo sun4c
        echo sun
    exit 0
3) run suninstall, set the hostinfo and then EXIT suninstall
4) edit the file /etc/install/release to have the correct release string for
   your architecture, in your case change the sun4m to sun4c
5) edit the file /etc/install/sys_info to change the "arch" string to sun4c from
6) restart suninstall and do the rest of the setup

After this is done, you need to edit some of the files in /etc/install to
reflect the corrected install but only if you later want to run add_services
et al

Thanks to all those who replied. I have appended other replies, some were
skeptical and some gave alternate solutions which I didn't try.

Other replies:
From: rradhakrishnan <>

Follow these step as in the manual to set up an install server for sun4c
architecture on your sun4m server. Basically you are copying stuff from your
cdrom to a disk for installing on a sun4c, then follow the usual install

mount the cdrom

cd /cdrom

./setup_install_server -b /export/home/install sun4c

Hope this helps. Please read Chapter 11, Solaris2.3 system config and install
guide if you have not already done so.



From: (Brett Lymn)

Not really but you can use add_services to add another kernel

>>>>>>>Yes you can, please refer the answer above.

From: (Guido Raymakers)

Since a SS5 the sun4m architecture has, you can not install thsi inetrnal disk as a sun4c disk.
You'll have to use a sun4c machine to make this disk.

>>>>>>>Yes you can, please refer the answer above.



From: (Ruud van Poelgeest)

Are you sure there is a SUN4C kernel directory on this CD. Normally you
install this software on a Sun4m. I think you need a plane SunOS 4.1.3 CD.

>>>>>>>Yes you can, please refer the answer above.

From: bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)

Not that I know of ...

The first Thing you should do is: Mount the CD and look whether there are any READMEs or somesuch how to extract Stuff without suninstall.

Failing that, I'ld say the easiest Way to go is as follows:

Connect the Disk. Install a sun4m Server with sun4c Client Support onto the Disk. Remove the Disk's /usr/kvm and move over the sun4c Version (which is in /export/exec). Browse the Config Files to make sure that no kvm Stuff is referenced. (It shouldn't, but better safe than sorry.) Move Disk to SS2 and boot.

Regards, J. Bern ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- From: (LaCoursiere J. D. \(Jeff\))

The distributions are simply tar files on the cd. You can mount the CD and search the directory structure for the desired pieces.

Not super easy :->

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