SUMMARY: /etc/nologin on Solaris 2.x & Solaris FAQ

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Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 04:43:15 CDT

Sorry for the lateness of this response.
This summary contains two parts: part one for /etc/nologin and part two
for FAQ's.

Original Posting:
> Does anyone know of a utility similar to using /etc/nologin on
> SunOS 4.x that can be used on Solaris 2.x ?
> The /etc/nologin scheme does not seem to be supported on Solaris.
> I have hacked /etc/profile to look for this file upon logging into
> the system. I would prefer to use an official supported scheme, but
> I do not know of any. The man pages and FAQ that I have do not
> have any information on this for Solaris.
> I will summarize.
> Thanks in advance.
> BTW - where can I get the latest and greatest FAQ's from? My current
> copy that someone gave me is way out of date.

Replies were received from the following people:
Ron Hall <> (Dave Doherty)
Nino Margetic <> (Mark S. Anderson)
Also were included two "me too, send info"

PART ONE: /etc/nologin

The replies stated that this was not supported. One reply stated the

> Does anyone know of a utility similar to using /etc/nologin on
> SunOS 4.x that can be used on Solaris 2.x ?

*** Why would you want one - you can lock/expire an account from within
the admintool. Nevertheless, if you really want to do it, I belive that
you can use anything that ends in "sh", and that will work....

Since no new suggestions were sent, I will stick with what I already had
in place. I inserted the following in /etc/profile after LOGNAME has

if ([ $LOGNAME != "root" ] && [ ! "`grep $LOGNAME /etc/nologinid`" ]) \
 && [ -f /etc/nologin ]; then
        cat /etc/nologin
        sleep 5
        kill -9 $$

This allows root and any id in the file /etc/nologinid to login to the
system while the file /etc/nologin exists. Otherwise kill the existing

The Solaris FAQ can be obtained through anonymous ftp from

    or through www:
*** If you wait for a couple days, it will come by mail - it is published
every fortnight on the list...
You should check out*

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