SUMMARY: Wanted - managment tools for NIS+

From: Evgeny Mironov (kksys!kksys!solid!!
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 04:26:16 CDT

My original question:

> I'm looking for the NIS+ tool like Admintool, but with extended
> facilities?
> I want use NIS+ for distributed configuration on the LAN.
> Unfortunately Admintool works only with fixed set of NIS+ tables.

I have only one answer from Michael Scott <>:

> I do not believe SUN is shipping such a tool yet. I was recently at
> Networld + Interop in Atlanta and Sun had just completed development of
> an NIS+ Tool which will do exactly what your looking for. The only
> problem with that is Sun said they were only going to bundle the tool
> with Solaris 2.4 for SPARC which will unofficially be available early
> to mid October. The tool I viewed at Networld + Interop was very
> extensive and allow administrators to fully customize each of there
> NIS+ domains and create new subdomains at the same time. I believe most
> people who are using NIS+ will welcome this tool very much.

Thank you, Michael.

I'm waiting for Solaris 2.4. :-)

PS. Excuse me if I loose other answers (too many junk messages on
this week).


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