Summary - Problems with NIS+

From: Bushman, Kevin (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 01:53:27 CDT

My original question read:

>We are using a 690 as our NIS+ Server with several SS-10s and IPXs. They
are all >running Solaris 2.2 and all patches that I know about are
installed, including 101022.
>Logging in. I can log in on some machines, but on others I cannot. I have
checked >to make sure that there is no local accont on the machines that I
cannot log in on and >this is not the case. Other users on my system don't
seem to be having any >problems at all no matter which machine they are
using. This problem is just with >certain accounts. Even on a given
machine, while I cannot log in, somebody else >can, even though neither of
the accounts are on the local machine. This tells me that >the machine must
be using the NIS+ Server. Are my assumptions correct or am I >overlooking
something? Also, I have even tried reloading the client software on the
>offending machines to make sure that it is installed correctly with no
apparent >change in the operation.

I received only two responses. I was hoping for more as this was the first
question that I have posted and didn't think that it would be that hard to
find an answer. I figured that it was probably something that I was

Anyway, I want to address the two responses that I did receive to possibly
explain why their solutions did not fix my problem. Maybe further
explanation will help someone find an answer for me.

First, Gene Loriot at Kodak suggested using ping to check to see what was
being communicated when one of these loggins occurs. That seemed normal, so
I checked with niscat on the passwd table on the NIS+ server. Sure enough,
the account was there as it had to be because I could use the account from
another machine. Also, the credentials were correct. I checked that by
using niscat on the credentials table on the NIS+ server.

Second, perryh (email account name, real name not given) suggested using
ypwhich on all machines to see if the failures would correlate with the
server bindings. Because we are using NIS+, not NIS, ypwhich will not (and
did not) work because ypbind is not running. (ypbind is used on NIS, not

So where do I go from here? I called SunSoft Technical for help. I
explained the problem to them, and well, they are still working on it. I am
not trying to say anything bad about SunSoft here. I wouldn't do that.
 They are wonderful people and have helped me on several occasions. I am
just trying to find an answer to my problem and I thought all you esteemed
Sun Mangers deserved me to be honest with you and tell you everything that I
know about my problem.

Basically though, what they told me is that they have never heard of this
problem before, and it would take research to see what is really wrong with
my systems. They did tell me though that I did not have the current
version of the patches on my systems. I am in the process of ftp'ing those
and will apply them once I get them. But what I do not understand from this
though is why does some machines work okay while others don't (they all have
the same patches applied so they are all basically the same configuration)?

Since it has been a couple of days since I asked the original question, I
thought that an update posting on my problem would be prudent.

More to come as I get answers.

Kevin W. Bushman, TSgt, USAF
ACIMS System Administrator

Phone: 405-734-5625

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