SUMMARY: problem with "at"/SunOS 4.1.3 client/Sol2.3 server

From: Ed Arnold (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 01:51:28 CDT

On Sep. 9, I wrote in about a problem with "at" refusing to function
correctly in the situation where a machine is running SunOS 4.1.3_U1
and has its root filesystem on a server. It turned out that SunOS
patch 100972-02 fixes this particular problem.

Thanks to the following people for their suggestions (and even source
code) that identified the fix:

Robert Sargent <>
bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)
"Adam W. Feigin" <> (Adrian Rawson) (Bottenberg)
gerhard.heinz@sunetc.Germany.Sun.COM (Gerhard Heinz - Field Service SUN Frankfurt)

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