SUMMARY: PCNFS unable to use /ms after installing security patches

From: Fred Kuhns (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 00:29:04 CDT

Summary of problem:
  For a few months now our PCs have been slow to initialize and I just found
  out that they have also not been able to mount file systems using the
  /mustshare option. All was fine before I installed all recommended SunOS
  4.1.3 security patches on the servers. We are using PC-NFS versions 5.0
  and 5.1. As a consequence we have had several cases where PC based
  databases have trashed their db files located on our Sun file servers.
  The pcnfsd and NIS server is a SPARC10 Model 51 running SunOS 4.1.3, again
  with all Sun Security patches installed. I also tried installing the lockd
  patch from Sun but this didn't help. When I try to mount a file system
  with /ms I get the error:

  NFS152F: Cannot contact the Network Lock Manager on the server.

The answer came from (Chris Schanzle):

Chris said the problem is with the libc jumbo patch and that Sun had a
'patched' NET.EXE for pcnfs version 5.0. I contacted Sun, received the
patched NET.EXE and the option /mustshare works fine now. The Sun tech
support guy said that PCNFS version 5.1 will be fixed with the release of
5.1a which if it isn't out already it will hit the streets any day now.

Chris had to back out the patches on the Sun server himself to
determine what broke PCNFS ... Sun tech support apparently didn't
believe that there was a problem with pcnfs.

>From (Chris Schanzle):
> ...
> Anyway, basically it seems the PC-NFS was taking advantage of a bug in
> the C library that was fixed. So now sharing is broken, I asked for a
> fix for the problem. Another month went by and they offered a
> replacement NET.EXE. However, it still sits and twiddles its fingers
> for about 30 seconds for the first /ms mount (subsequent mounts with
> /ms are reported to mount immediately). I told them it was
> unacceptable to have an additional 30 second delay during the PC
> startup time. That was the last I heard from Sun.


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