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Date: Mon Sep 19 1994 - 15:51:36 CDT

>We have a need to send mail from a UNIX workstation to a CC:mail
>network. The mail must be sent from a command line since a software program
>willdo the mailing of desginated documents.
>Does anyone had experience in doing this. We need to do this
>as soon as possible. Maybe you could share some ideas with us.

The overall response is that we would need a Gateway that
will convert messages from a Unix (SMTP) System to a CC:Mail enviornment.
The Gateway must reside on a dedicated pc.

Bill Maggio ( mentions a product called "Link to SMTP".
which is priced at $3,495.

It appears as though there are a number of vendors that carries
these gateways. International Messaging Associates and Lotus were
two recommended vendors in the responses. Lotus was the least favorite.
No specific reason given.

Eric Wampner ( mentions that
Lotus does sell a GUI version of ccmail for
Solaris but I'm not sure what this interface did, I'm assuming he was
refering to client software to interface with cc:mail.

Pamela Pledger pamela@Legato.COM gives a detailed setup which I thought
everyone would be interested in:

Minumally, This is what you need:
        You need your server and your cc:mail to communicate in
        the same language.

        That will most likely be smtp, or "Simple Mail Transfer
        Protocol" ( which it is and it comes with _most_ unix
        systems. < Not exactly on sco>)

        To get CC:mail to communicate in SMTP you need to get
        yet another CC:Mail server and load it with CC:Mail's
        smtp software. It will take some setup but it will
        work, This will also provide you cc:mail users with
        a internet gateway.

        If you were to call this machine "theorientexpress", then
        it would be maybe. Then your
        unix software could /bin/mail < stuff.

        Or you could have an alias in your nis maps or in /etc/alias
        on your workstation :
        Then the unix script could send email via :
        /bin/mail sotoe < stuff.
        On the CC:Mail smtp gateway, there would have to be
        an address for someone in the smtp.adr file.
        The workstation would have the be the mailhost for the
        CC:mail smtp gateway "theorientexpress". The entry
        for "unixworkstation" would have to be configured in.

        One alternative is to point the CC:Mail smtp gateway,
        theorientexpress, at the REAL unix mailhost, and send
        the mail from the workstation to the alias at the
        real unix mailhost.

        It would look something like this :

  (outside world) ---<network stuff>---- [unix workstation] -------------|
                                                                <network stuff>
                                                                <joins two nets>
  CC:Mail Postoffice ----<network stuff>---- CC:Mail smtp gateway--------|
                                            ^^^^ new box and software
                                                ^^ theorientexpress


Celeste Stokely
Pamela Pledger pamela@Legato.COM
Bill Maggio
Clark Clark_Bohs_at_isdlan@IMA.ISD.STATE.IN.US
Eric Wampner

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