SUMMARY: NFS Accounting

From: Daniel Trejo-Medina (
Date: Tue Sep 20 1994 - 00:00:24 CDT

Following is the summary of replies I got to my
posting about NFS accounting.

Thanks to:

-Glenn Satchell
-Bismark Espinoza

There are two ways to control access to NFS. Firstly, you can set a
list or group of machines in the exports list so tha tonly those
machines can mount directories. This is set on a per filesystem basis,
so you can have a different access list for each mount point. Secondly
through setting the unix permissions so that unauthorised users can not
access any directories, even if they succeed in mounting them from step

If you want to restrict usage, edit the
file netgroup. In it, you can specify
NIS-domains, machines, and users, that
will be allowed to mount NFS filesystems.
In the file /etc/exports of your server,
use the mount options to deny/restict usage.
The netgroup file may be used as an /etc map
or as an NIS map transferred by ypserv, ypxfrd.


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