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From: Robert Kryger (
Date: Fri Sep 16 1994 - 21:11:36 CDT

My original question:

> Is there some way in which I could force in.routed running on a 4.1.3
> system broadcast it's routes with a metric which is one more than it
> really is?
> I thought about getting a copy of a routed program and modifying it,
> but somehow I don't believe this'll be all that straight forward.

There are two possible solutions.

1. Use 'ifconfig ... metric #' to specify the hop count. The only caveat
   is that, as stated in the latest SunSolve...

         Bug Id: 1072454
         Category: network
         Subcategory: internet
         Release summary: mt-on5.0
         Synopsis: routed does not use metric set by ifconfig
                 Integrated in releases: mt-on7.0

2. Use gated. This is the way I am headed. This is (analogous to) a
   highly configurable version of routed, which also supports EGP and HELLO.
   Lokks like I'll be going with this method. I'm working on it now.

Thanks to all who responded. Unfortunately I neglected to save your
messsages, so I cannot cite you individually.

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