SUMMARY: sendmail host name doesn't exist

Date: Fri Sep 16 1994 - 14:44:30 CDT

I have just got one answer, so I hope that will save more answering.

Recap of the problem:

I am trying to run that came from and am getting the
message on the client which is a Sparc 10 clone running 4.1.3. It comes
up with message:

My host name ( does not seem to exist!: Connection
timed out

What gives.

BTW I have this running on other clients that isn't Sparc 10.

Ayrton Sargusingh gave me the clue I needed. He suggested I check the routes.

Which was close, but not it.

It turns out to be an out dated /etc/resolv.conf file which didn't matter as
long as I was using NIS and the NIS server had a valid one. But the BSD
sendmail was staticly linked to use bind and couldn't find itself.

Thanks for you help.


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