SUMMARY PC-NFS print prob

From: David Robson (
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 05:48:16 CDT

This is an early summary due to me resolving (almost) the problem.

Firstly, I must have told myself a thousand times "Don't use graphical admin
tools" !
But, I used admintool to add a printer, which doesn't set the printer type.
In this case it needed to be PS (postscript).

Once I changed this it worked fine - almost.

For some reason beyond me, Microsoft Word 6.0 does not print, complaining
about the printer setup. :-||
Excel, Access, Write, Notepad, all work fine.

It would appear that Word 6.0 does not hook into the printer control panel in
the same way as the others. It cannot see the server and so cannot see the

Don't you just love PC's :-]

My original post:

Hi all!

Good ol' PC-NFS is causing me some pain. :-(

To set the scene:

Printserver: Sparc2 SunOs 4.1.3, using Cap60 to print to Apple lasers

Solaris 2.3(Sparc20) print client of printserver - works great.

2 x Compaq 486's running Windows for WG and PC-NFS 5.1

Now, we need the PC's to print via the Solaris 2.3 machine.

I had this working from one PC briefly, and then I set up authentication and
updated pcnfsd from 5.0 to 5.1 and it stopped working! :-|| (The clients are

The strange thing is, I can trace a file being printed from the file
manager to the /var/spool/pcnfs/pcno1 directory. Or at least it looks that
way. The files in the spool area are of zero size in the format:

nfs10025 nfs11930 nfs15897 nfs205

Also the file created while not using athentication are in
and of zero content, except for two which are adobe postscript. (They
should all be postscipt.)

Can anyone steer me right?
>From Lori Colleran:

This may not be your problem but I experienced major printing problems
from PC's via PC-NFS to a Sun server because the /var partition on the
Sun server needed to be exported (Sun OS) or shared (Solaris).

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