SUMMARY: Moving printer-definitions from SunOS to Solaris 2.x

From: V.Sander (
Date: Wed Sep 14 1994 - 21:22:41 CDT

Hi SUN Managers,
my original question was:

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itions from SunOS to Solaris 2.x

Hi SUN Managers,

does anyone have a script for moving printer(-queue) definitions from
SunOS's BSD printing to Solaris SYSV printing, at least for
all remote printers?

We have a large amount of printer-definitions in /etc/printcap and therefore
we have something like a Source-Printcap, distributed every day.
So we are interested in automatically generating these printer(queue)s
also on Solaris 2.x.

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Many thanks to Dan Stromberg and to Jim McLean-Lipinski who have made some

First, Sun seems to be rewriting their current printsystem, but unlikely
not until sometime after 2.4.

However there are at least two possible solutions:

      1.) Port the BSD stuff to Solaris
      2.) Write a script which extracts the printer information
          (/etc/printcap or some other description files)
          and which will perform the necessary command sequence
                - lpfilter
                - lpsystem -t bsd ..
                  lpsystem -t s5 ...
                - some port monitor administration stuff
                - for each printer
                      reject ...
                      disable ...
                      lpadmin -c .. -x ..
                      some more lpadmins
                      accept ..
                      enable ..
                - restart lp subsystem

I will have a closer look to solution 2.)

Many thanks,


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