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From: rocky gould (
Date: Wed Sep 14 1994 - 05:33:43 CDT

This summary is long overdue but I just recently was able to verify that the
majority of what I wanted worked. Thanks to those that replied and especially
Garrett D'Amore who was the closest to final resolution. I actually got the
solution from Sun's Help desk after many weeks.
> I have a 690 in the basement that is our disk farm and would like to have it
> Has anyone come up with any slick ways to do this?
> It is nice to be notified about filesystem fulls or other admin headaches w/o
> having to check the console frequently.

modify /etc/syslog.conf on machine downstairs to reflect the name of my Xserver
then modify the /etc/syslog.conf on Xserver to send messages to my station. It
doesn't actually mail the problems, but rather posts them into my shells.
This is fine as I want to be aware of any problems as they occur.

Many suggested a program called Watcher, which is a fine program but does not
give you instantaneous responses to problems. It is something that is kicked
off by cron.

Thanks Again.
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