SUMMARY: running out of tape at 2.3 gig on a 5 gig tape...

From: Dave Doherty (
Date: Mon Sep 12 1994 - 03:50:58 CDT

And the answer is...
All you need to do is change your script from nrst1 to nrst9. rst0,1,2...
are the low density device ids (i.e. 2.3GB), whereas rst8,9,10....
are the high density device ids (i.e. 5GB).

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Summary of original question:
> We are running dump backups to an Exabyte EXB-8500 8mm Tape drive.
> Two machines are backed up, one is running SUN OS 4.1.3 (Exabyte is
> local on this one) and the other is running Solaris 2.3 (w/maintenance
> supplement 1).
> The problem is that the backup fails after about 2.3 gig saying it's at end
> of tape. Any ideas on the cause? Below is the script that runs and
> the log file showing the output:
> /etc/dump 0udsbf 54000 13000 126 /dev/nrst1 /sw2 >>& /tmp/dumplog$$
>> script and log files deleted...

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