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Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 00:29:39 CDT

Hi, Sun Managers:

Original question:

> The first line of vi editor view is not line 1, and can't scroll to
> line 1. But when you modify this file, the content is diffent from
> it show. i.e. The view content is different from its real content.
> I think this is vi environment setting problem. But "term type" is
> right.

I received many answers, Thanks all people who give me any message/suggestion.
Summary their answers as follows:

    (a) most people suggest this one:
        two solutions:
        (1) type "eval `resize`" before you start your vi.
        (2) use "stty rows n cols m" to set up your window to the right size
        (3) Maybe it's problem with TERMCAP variable, try
            unsetenv TERMCAP in your ~/.login

    (b) Comment out the line "setenv EXINIT ....", and and log in again.

    (c) set the environment variable TERM in the remote shell to the same one
        as in the local window.

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If I loss any person, I am sorry for that.

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