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Date: Mon Sep 12 1994 - 21:12:06 CDT

Thanks to all who responded:
Pat Max <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Dan Frenette) (rocky gould) (Ken Burns)

The main problem was a physical one: One FDDI patch cable was not
ok and so we were killed by retries. (the hint came from Dan Frenette).
So make shure if you install a new FDDI network that all parts are ok.

After this problem was solved there was another problem:
The servers connected via FDDI had good performance, but the clients
in the subnets had the same behaviour (... not responding still trying ...)
when they accessed filesystems through FDDI.
This could be solved by changing the rsize and wsize parameters
from the default value to 4096 ( A lot of work to add it to all concerning
In the moment all works fine, no messages ... not responding...
and the performance is better than with ethernet. But I am sure
it could be better and there are some problems in the implementation
of the gateways ethernet-FDDI (nfs parameters, MTU size, ??? )
and I am in contact with SUN.

Greetings to the whole net

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